Product Name: Miscellaneous & Specialty Cleaning Aids
Category: Pool Maintenance Equipment & Accessories

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N/A 1 N/A StainEraser for concrete pools; SORRY, OUT OF STOCK...will clean most stains from plaster surface; attaches to vacuum pole or use by hand N/A
2 1300EACH VinylEraser for vinyl pools; will clean most stains from pool surface; attaches to vacuum pole or use by hand $25.91
4 PB80 Pumice block, 5.75" x 1.5" x 1.5", for cleaning pool tile $8.80
5 BMEACH Ultra Mitt; latex glove w/light abrasive open hand surface eliminates scum, slime & grime from pool & spa surfaces $9.53
6 TB224EACH Scumbug floats on water and absorbs up to 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions preventing scumlines $13.10
7 UN1EACH Ultra Net; a fine mesh cover for your leaf skimmer picks up fine particles and pollen, 2/pack $9.53
8 US1EACH Ultra Screen; a fine mesh liner for your skimmer basket picks up fine particles and pollen, 5/pack $6.38
9 JED223 Replacement adapter butterfly spring clips; for vacuum heads, leaf skimmers, leaf rakes and brushes, 3/pack $2.29