Product Name: Kid's Inflatable Toys & Floats
Category: Pool Games & Fun Stuff

WARNING: Inflatable toys are not intended to be used as lifesaving devices.

For approved safety devices, please see category: Safety Rope, Floats & Equipment > Swimming Pool Safety Equipment.

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Order Qty Key Part Number Description Cost
Inflatable Toys & Riders
1 SW90804 108" Habitat Maze Play System Water Park Slide. $86.33
2 SW9088 60" Cube Floating Habitat With Inflatable Bottom With A Drain $82.22
3 SW9078 45" UFO Spaceship Squirter With Constant Supply Ray-Gun Squirter. $24.65
4 SW90752 60" Fire Boat Super Squirter With Constant Supply Water Gun. $42.71
5 SW9091 61" x 53" Habitat Maze Play System Sphere Floating Habitat. $64.72
6 SW9084 60" Log Flume Joust Set includes 2 inflatable logs and 2 inflatable log boppers. $25.12
N/A 7 N/A Bump N Squirt Tube, 42" Diameter. Sorry this item is no longer available. N/A
9 SW9062 56" Giant Ducky Ride-On $32.99
10 SW90622 74" Giant Turtle Ride-On $40.40
11 SW90621 75" Giant Swan Ride-On. $45.73